5 Simple Steps to Take Care of Your Jewelry

The meaning of jewelry goes beyond its physical appearance. The delicate bracelet on your wrist, the pearl earrings, and that sophisticated ring with a blingy diamond secured within the prongs have sentiments attached. That’s the very reason, everyone wants their jewels to last longer with them.

Jewelry care is the key to adding more days to the life of your jewels. Wondering, “How”?

Let’s cut to the chase and get straight to the simple steps that can help you to keep your jewelry’s bling “like-new” forever.


Step 1: Put Your Jewelry on Last

The golden rule to wearing your jewelry is to wear it in the end.

We know you want to flaunt your beautiful collection of jewelry but wearing your jewelry at the end of your “getting ready” session will work great. Specifically, if you’re going to apply a lot of moisturizers, sunscreen, makeup, hairspray, or perfume.

Step 2: Take Your Jewelry Off Before Any Activity Involves Moisture OR Chemical.

Off to swimming? Or, maybe, you are going to work out.

We know you love your jewelry but staying away from your jewelry for a while is healthy for your jewelry. Getting your jewelry wet or exposed to chemicals. Your jewelry can get cracks, lack its luster, and get water stains.

Step 3: Be Gentle While Cleaning.

Cleaning your jewelry after each wear will prolong its life and sheen for a long time.

You must use a clean and soft cloth and gently clean it. You can also use a suitable cleaner or dips specifically meant for your jewelry type. Say, use a dip for your silver jewelry by dipping it in the “dip” for a few seconds.

Also, you can go for polishing your silver and platinum jewelry. Your gemstone jewelry can be better cleaned with a brush and mild soap water.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to dry your jewelry post-cleaning with a dip.

Step 4: Store Your Jewelry the RIGHT Way.

Once you have done cleaning, it’s time to store your jewelry.

Don’t store your jewelry in a jumbled form. Instead, sort the jewels out as per their types. Keep the imitations, gold, silver, pearl, or antique jewelry separately. You can use different bags, boxes, zippers, and drawstring purses to store them.

Also, a handy tip is to use a soft wrapping like velvet, chintz, soft cotton wool, or cotton to secure your jewelry from the effects of external elements. 

Step 5: Visit Your Local Jeweler from Time to Time to Keep Your Jewelry Ship Shaped.

Ask your jeweler to inspect your jewelry to handle damages or get your valuables repaired. Getting a professional jeweler's services is a must if you want your jewelry to look good for long or good again.

Below are some signs that tell you that it’s time to visit your local jeweler:

  • Deep scratches
  • Broken/Lost parts
  • Fallen out/Lose gems
  • Hard-to-reach dust buildup



There you have it — your simple steps to take care of your jewelry! Follow your jewelry care routine like a ritual and eventually, you’ll get to wear your jewelry for a long time.

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