How to Wear Jewelry with Outfits on Different Occasions

Do you often feel lost while pairing your jewelry at weddings, parties, dinners, and black-tie events? We got you! 

Although get-togethers and parties are fun to showcase your fashion spree, still picking up the best jewelry piece to amp up your attire is an art in itself. But, here we have gathered a few simple tips for you that you can follow to ace your look for any event. Read on.

Jewelry for Casual Days

 If you think you don’t need to wait for a special event to wear your favorite piece of jewelry, you’re right. You can just wear your everyday jewelry pieces to flaunt a style that is uniquely yours.

For instance, wearing a delicate birthstone-embedded necklace with matching earrings is a great way to go along with everyday outfits.

Jewelry for Work

Well, that depends majorly on your workplace and the kind of work you do.

However, a general rule of thumb is to keep things minimal. Studded earrings, single bangles, small pendants, and delicate rings with small embellishments can be a great way to go.

Pro tip: Avoid wearing statement pieces to your work. They are better suited for special occasions.

Jewelry for Party or Dinner Night 

It’s okay to draw some attention on occasions meant to be yourself and let the inner jewelry geek come out. You are free to wear your sassy bangles, your dangling earrings, lots of rings, and a layered long necklace.

Again, your outfit will give you better cues on what jewelry pieces will look the best. If your outfit is filled with sequin and embellishments, keeping your jewelry subtle will complement the overall look.

You can also brighten the night by getting more eyeballs on your statement jewelry pieces.

Jewelry for Special Occasions

Everyone loves to drip in luxury jewel pieces and elegant outfits on special occasions. Pay attention to the cuts and style of your outfit and decide on jewelry that balances the look.

If you are up to wearing a dress that will steal the show with its classy cuts and style, pair it with jewelry that doesn’t overpower your attire. Similarly, if your dress shows some patterns and prints, you are free to enjoy your jewelry adventure, wear what makes you feel confident, and look good.

Jewelry for Wedding Occasions

Headed to a wedding party? Your jewelry must be dainty, elegant, and low-key. You just have to avoid everything you think the bride might be wearing. Studded earrings and modest chained necklaces will help you complete your look without stealing the spotlight.

But, remember, whenever you’re unsure about what jewelry to wear as a wedding guest, pearls are the option that always wins.

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